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What happens when you don't practice a skill or think about something? You lose that skill, and you forget that information! If you don't want all of your academic knowledge to be lost over your winter break, you make an effort. Find out how you can prevent learning loss and be ready for the next school term with the tips below.

How to Avoid Winter Break Learning Loss

  1. The first and most obvious way to avoid winter break learning loss is to study a little bit during the break. Read your notes a few days before returning to school to refresh your memory.
  2. Two ways to practice a few of your academic skills passively are to read and write. As you're doing these, you are inadvertently developing your grammar, vocabulary, and your spelling.
  3. If there are more specific academic skills or subjects that you want to work on, such as grammar and math, you can look online for worksheets to complete. You'll surely find some that are fitted to your skill level.
  4. Next, you can think about real-life scenarios in a more academic way. For example, when you're cooking, think about how math and chemistry are involved in the process to help keep that knowledge intact.
  5. Finally, if you need assistance to master your academic knowledge and skills fully, enroll in tutoring classes. There, you will get the assistance, guidance, time, and attention you need to comprehend your school subjects.

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