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Your child is probably preparing for their return to school. But are you? As a parent, your routine will also change once your child returns to school. For tips on how you can help them begin the school year with their right foot forward, continue reading.

How to Help Your Child Start the New School Year on a Good Note

Prepare the Supplies

Your child will likely need new supplies and certain items to go through their school year successfully. Make sure you have these ready (including their outfits, study space, and computer), so your child can feel prepared to return.

Get Your Time Organized

As mentioned above, your and your child's routine will change once they return to school, and you need to prepare for it. Figure out what your mornings and afternoons will look like. Likewise, use a calendar to write down upcoming meetings, tests, and school-related activities.

Meet the Teacher

If your child will have a new teacher this school term, it's a good idea to meet them. They'll likely set up a virtual meeting for all parents. But if they don't, have a quick chat with them to exchange contact information and establish a good relationship with them.

Help Your Child Study

Lastly, take some time to sit down with your child and go over their notes for the previous term. Studying will help them refresh their knowledge, which will allow them to be more prepared for their new lessons.

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