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While it's true that many people have a calculator readily available to them at all times, learning to add is still a basic math skill that everybody should know. To help your child learn, continue reading the post below.

How to Help a Child with Addition

Go Over the Basics

Even if additions...

The ability to spell correctly can influence how you communicate with the world around you. Still, to be a good speller, you need to memorize a myriad of different rules. If your child finds this challenging, the post below will share tips on how to help them.

How to Help Your Child Develop...


To some parents, letting their young child use a calculator can be detrimental to their learning process. Still, when used correctly, the calculator can be a learning tool. For tips on how to teach your child the correct use of a calculator, continue reading.

How to Teach Your Child to Use a...


Taking good notes is an essential part of being a student, since they are your primary study material. If you'd like to work on your note taking skills, you should read through the post below.

How to Take Notes That Will Help You Study

  1. First of all, to take good notes, you need to keep your...

The more your child practices math, the less challenging they will find it and the more interested they will be in it. That's why, if you notice your child has a math aversion, you should try the tips below to help them practice math at home.

How to Practice Math at Home

  1. The first tip is to...

Drawing is one of children's favorite activities. Still, it can do much more for them than keep them occupied for a couple of hours. In fact, it can be helpful to their development in different areas. To learn why you should be encouraging your child to draw more, continue reading the post...

In these days of quarantine, you've probably tried to entertain your child in a myriad different ways. However, if you haven't encouraged them to build jigsaw puzzles, you should start now. Not only will they be entertained, but they will also get a lot of benefits from it. To learn why you...

The right study conditions can yield better study sessions and, as a result, higher grades. To learn how to put together the perfect study conditions, continue reading the post below.

How to Create the Perfect Conditions to Focus on Studying

  1. First, pick the right place for you to study in....

A tutor is an experienced teacher that provides assistance, guidance, attention, and time so that students can learn effectively and master their school subjects. However, you may wonder when it's time to work with a tutor. Though every student can benefit from tutoring, below are some clear...

An organized notebook can make your life as a student that much easier. To learn how you can keep your notebook tidy and in order, continue reading the post below.

How to Organize Your Notebooks

  1. First, you will need to have one notebook for each of your subjects, so you don't end up getting...


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